About AIA

aia-logoThe AIA was created after the participation in the meetings that took place in the fall of 2007. There were many concerns brought to the attention of both municipalities and it was suggested that we should have a group formed to act as liaisons for the community as well as to organize our own improvement ideas.

Your link to support community projects with emphasis on safety, security and beautification within Allenford.

We came up with a term of reference:
• Liaising with Town of South Bruce Peninsula & Arran-Elderslie for the betterment of Allenford regarding streetscapes and community projects
• Seeking a range of funding partners and programs to assist with community improvement projects
• Making recommendations to both Councils on improvements with respect to the safety and security of all residents
• To promote community spirit and pride

Executive Directors:
President:  Rodney Nickason    519-934-2959    mrnickason@gbtel.ca
Vice: Dave Summerton    519-934-3090  summertonh@gmail.com
Treasurer:  Cyndie Rands 519-934-1543     c_rands@hotmail.com
Secretary:  Andrea Fisher 519-934-3871     mafisher@gbtel.ca

Board Members:
Merri Aiken               519-934-0111     aikenbros@gbtel.ca
Marie Barclay            519-934-3538    barclay.jerrymarie@gmail.com
Michel Bedard                                       michelbedard93@gmail.com
Shirley Davidson    519-934-2402
Kat McCulloch           519-934-3489     rkmcc@gbtel.ca
Brian Palmer               226-930-0317        brian.palmer@gbtel.ca
Heidi Summerton     519-934-3090        summertonh@gmail.com
Keith Welsh     226-988-3928           keith.welsh@rjburnside.com